Running on the wave of Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, a story written in 1926 by F. Scott Fitzerald, has inspired women and designers and still does to this day.

BB1 Classic since its inception has always represented some thing new, something old. Bonnie Strauss, acclaimed designer, romantic and creative dinosaur has continued to dye and create hand beaded sexy, feminine pieces, found at BB1 Classic, they are totally irresistible, and have become classic pieces and are an integral part of a women’s wardrobe. Good romance never goes away, and neither does a special item of clothing, a piece that will always be a part of your wardrobe and heart.
great gatsby-2In 1942 paperback books were published for soldiers fighting the Second World War, the Great Gatsby was one of these books.

In 1945 a revival of Fitzerald’s work. During 1950 the book became part of standard high school curriculum. In the 60’s, the book was selling 50,000 copies per year. New York Times editorialist Arthur Mizener proclaimed the novel “a classic of twentieth-century American fiction.”[14]
The Great Gatsby has sold over 25 million copies worldwide.

The first silent Movie, The Great Gatsby produced 1926, Thereafter in 1949, Alan Ladd, Betty Field and Shelley Winters, 1974, Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, 2002 adaptation set in the Hamptons and present day 2013 The Great Gatsby previewed with Leonardo DiCaptrio, no wonder the nostalgia and romance has never quite gone away.

great gatsbyimage Present Day, inspiration continues, as seen in Christian Dior ad,July issue Elle Magazine, 2013

Roaring Chic – Miuccia Prada was tapped for the 2013 production of the Great Gatsby, and even Prada and Miu Miu had previous work that the costume designers had used to stage the show. Even Miuccia was intrigued how clothes designed for a sophisticated 21st century clientele could transcend nearly 100 years of time. As quoted from WWD Miuccia said “designing those clothes, none were meant to be the twenties when she did them, that’s what’s interesting the point of view can transform things so much. ” She was fascinated by that.