What’s New and Happening? Leg Fun!

Denim has been a household name; it started with Levi Strauss, and then the fascination of, “What’s next? Who’s next? What next is being created?”

The denim industry has existed because of a cult following, but every now and then there is an excitement that prevails. Notify, a brand that suddenly stands out.

We welcome Maurice Ohayon. He brings nostalgia back to the woman. He has infused his collections with the spirit of yesteryear, creating and giving the wearer of his jean a true feeling of luxury. NOTIFY, a co-branded denim collection unveiled at BB1 Classic, is an exciting high quality jean made in Italy. Maurice Ohayon is sought after as a designer and has rubbed shoulders with Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney in different collaborations. He continues to push to conquer new boundaries, in which industry, craftsmanship, and art unite as one. A true tailor, unique, he has been described by French journalists as “the Yves Saint Laurent of denim.” His mastery with cut, treatments, and washes, surpass the wildest imagination. A true visionary, and we see, feel, touch, and enjoy wearing it!

Notify Ankle Zip Jeans at BB1 Classic Notify Contrast Jeans at BB1 Classic

The leg fun continues: Tractr brings creativity to the market. This is a jean for your daughter, your granddaughter, and you. Women are loving it. Tractr slides onto our bodies; these jeans are hip, happening and cool. Jean prints are a trend that really has never gone away. I still have my Shabby Chics from 22 years ago, when designers were using lightweight embossed or printed upholstery fabric – but they could cut and style a pant, and we got them up with very little stretch . . . we just couldn’t wait to get them off! Today the stretch in jeans make you feel as though you’re in sweats.

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