Life is a whirlwind!

March 2013 has arrived. 2012 has come and gone. It was an exciting 2012 Fall, great fashion; the shopper was discerning, had outstanding judgment recognizing value and quality.

It certainly was not a season of quantity, but no one could resist the crème de la crème! We sailed into January 2013, and Fall Collections continued to sell. Together with incredible new spring/summer collections being unpacked, the WOW factor was strong and even stronger now as we roll into the season of new beginnings.

With all this excitement this year, we have already visited Montreal, New York, markets in Europe, and not forgetting our home turf, Dallas, Texas, planning next Fall. Does this not sound unbelievable? The challenge of finding what women love and the excitement of seeing beautiful collections never ceases to create excitement.

We celebrate all woman, the many roles she undertakes. This Spring Summer is all about color, feeling and looking happy. She wears her authority with grace, she loves feminine elegance and sophisticated simplicity, she is classic with a twist, she is the BB1 Classic Customer.

Our collections offer new elements. Luisa Cerano, Apriori, Marc Aurel, St Emile: cut for the woman, Italian fabrics designed to fit today’s lifestyle. Collections that hang with the greats: Armani, Prada and so many others.

Luisa Cerano at BB1 ClassicApriori at BB1 ClassicMarc Aurel at BB1 ClassicSt. Emile at BB1 Classic

Bonnie StraussBonnie Strauss: vintage re-invented, sheer, silky, hand-beaded & embroidered one-of-a-kind pieces.

Majestic Tees: you can find these in most designer stores, branded with the designer label; at BB1 Classic, you pay no extra premium for the label.

The mix of BB1 Classic collections from Spain, Brazil, Italy, France and our own American designers help create your own personal style. The theme is Minimalist, as in classic, Romantic, always with a touch of  Radiance and Glamour, keeping up with the female shift, in her busy world of meetings, economics, science, literature, politics, medical health, teachers, professors, associates and managers, wife, mom daughter, sister and chief cook. She defies labels and definitions; she signifies poise and confidence. She is today’s modern woman.

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