Life can be fragile!

As the seasons begin to change soon, and even though it is still the heat of summer, July, we fantasize about cooler days, and we are excited by the already new fall arrivals.

For us in the buying world, we are already planning for our next spring/summer collections. Seems crazy, so far in advance, but it is an exciting time! As fashion and designers feel a trend, they feel what is happening in the world, and a lot of this is expressed in color and design and style. It’s about our lifestyle, our changing world, and it’s about creating a comfort zone for ourselves, where we want to be.

We start our travels soon, and we will be keeping you informed. But for now I want to share a fashion highlight, which by no stretch of the imagination shows the designer’s humor and what is possible: a hand blown glass halter dress.

Maria Lafuente Glass Dress

The glass balls are attached with ribbon. Maria Lafuente brings many complex details to her design. She works with movement, and inspiration emerges through the genius of artists and their paintings.

Castilla and Leon fashion week, Burgos, Spain will always be a highlight for us. This reminds me of how really fragile life can be. So enjoy the moment, and remember to follow us in our world of fun, fashion and art.

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