Travel Essentials

All Aboard!

Lighten your load with this set of Italian GhostZip bags:

The fanny pack around your waist keeps you organized with valuables close by.

The small messenger keeps you hands-free, will be on hand once your travel bag is tucked away, and will act as a day and dinner bag.

The travel/beach bag, holds 65 lbs, so it’s easy to include your travel jacket, your collection of travel toiletries, books, and Ipad or laptap, with room for a couple of clothing changes.

Our Favorite Travel Outfit:

Remarkable stretch skinny pants for travel comfort in many colors, bold or muted.

Washable one size scrunch tops in an array of colors, adorned with . . .

MOI MOI tissue weight cashmere and silk scarves, coordinated colors to add pizzazz, Italian Chic, or Parisian flare, to co-ordinate and enhance any outfit.

Not traveling? These pieces will still work well and make you feel you’re on vacation!

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Bon Voyage!

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