Life can be fragile!

As the seasons begin to change soon, and even though it is still the heat of summer, July, we fantasize about cooler days, and we are excited by the already new fall arrivals.

For us in the buying world, we are already planning for our next spring/summer collections. Seems crazy, so far in advance, but it is an exciting time! As fashion and designers feel a trend, they feel what is happening in the world, and a lot of this is expressed in color and design and style. It’s about our lifestyle, our changing world, and it’s about creating a comfort zone for ourselves, where we want to be.

We start our travels soon, and we will be keeping you informed. But for now I want to share a fashion highlight, which by no stretch of the imagination shows the designer’s humor and what is possible: a hand blown glass halter dress.

Maria Lafuente Glass Dress

The glass balls are attached with ribbon. Maria Lafuente brings many complex details to her design. She works with movement, and inspiration emerges through the genius of artists and their paintings.

Castilla and Leon fashion week, Burgos, Spain will always be a highlight for us. This reminds me of how really fragile life can be. So enjoy the moment, and remember to follow us in our world of fun, fashion and art.

Travel Essentials

All Aboard!

Lighten your load with this set of Italian GhostZip bags:

The fanny pack around your waist keeps you organized with valuables close by.

The small messenger keeps you hands-free, will be on hand once your travel bag is tucked away, and will act as a day and dinner bag.

The travel/beach bag, holds 65 lbs, so it’s easy to include your travel jacket, your collection of travel toiletries, books, and Ipad or laptap, with room for a couple of clothing changes.

Our Favorite Travel Outfit:

Remarkable stretch skinny pants for travel comfort in many colors, bold or muted.

Washable one size scrunch tops in an array of colors, adorned with . . .

MOI MOI tissue weight cashmere and silk scarves, coordinated colors to add pizzazz, Italian Chic, or Parisian flare, to co-ordinate and enhance any outfit.

Not traveling? These pieces will still work well and make you feel you’re on vacation!

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Bon Voyage!

Get to Know John Palmer

From “Uptown Blog”, by Audrey on July 18, 2012 in Specialty, Uptown Blog
The Uptown Park Blog

John Ross Palmer at BB1 Classic

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your art? How did you get started?

I started painting in 1998 after the unexpected death of my father. I used my art as a means of healing and never intended it to blossom into a career. At the encouragement of friends I started to show and sell some of my pieces. I thought–if I could make a career out of doing something I love I would have to give my all and make it happen.

Although I have a number of art styles, my primary art style is known as Escapism. Generally, it combines confident, vibrant abstract brushstrokes with a few elements of realism: an arrow, a cloud, a numeral or a checkerboard grid. Just as the healing process is not easy, neither is the true appreciation of abstract art. The touch of realism assists the viewer to become comfortable with the world of the abstract.

2. What is/are your favorite medium(s)?

My primary medium is acrylic on canvas or wood. However, I love to work with a great deal of additional media, including salvage wood, neon, enamel, graphite and collage.

3. What are a few of your favorite pieces?

The most exclusive body of work and one that I’m most proud of is the Satori series. You can read and see a video about it by following this link:

4. The goal of your mentorship program is to destroy the stereotype of the struggling artist… How did you overcome the obstacles you faced when you were starting out? Also, how do up and coming artists apply for John Ross Palmer’s Mentorship Program?

For me personally, I learned that I had to trust my own instincts about art and business. So many people would tell me: I’m creating too much, I’m overexposed, I need a Masters degree, I need to be in the “right” galleries. None of this is true. I now create art as a full-time business. I must create to make ends meet–it is not a hobby. I’m not apologetic about wanting to earn money and be a success, just like any other professional. Read more here:

5. Finally, from where do you draw your inspiration?

I love to travel and I gain a tremendous amount of inspiration from visiting new places and interacting with new cultures. I have beautiful memories from my childhood from riding horses–they often appear in my artwork. Nature is a huge inspiration, and so is light.

Photo credit: Paul Ladd

Art Joins Fashion

BB1 Classic in Uptown Park is known as a destination for art, design, and fashion.

John Ross Palmer Upper Deck BB1 Classic
A first in retail, Artist John Ross Palmer, together with Calli and Julian Saitowitz, purveyors of BB1 Classic, has floated a studio of unique and one of a kind items: Hand-painted vintage handbags and wallets, painted memory boxes for keepsakes, highest-quality scarves, books, pottery, furniture, chess boards, and Palmer’s art woven in to silk and wool carpets.

Original works of art are featured on the walls of the Upper Deck of the boutique, where the Artist can be found on most days. John Ross Palmer is known for his Escapism style. He slowly pulls the viewer into the world of the abstract with subtle, realistic images. His philosophy to leave behind life’s challenges, to enjoy the now, and rejoice in the blessings we have can be felt in all of the objects and art pieces John has cobbled together in his second retail environment.

Upstairs Gallery at BB1 ClassicJohn Ross Palmer Gallery at BB1 Classic

The connection and fusion of Art with fashion and fashion with Art create a major cultural statement. Throughout the ages, art has influenced designers, yet designers are artists themselves through their own design technique and interpretations of what sets the pace in an ever-changing world.

A renowned Artist in our midst and a further collaboration of sisters Calli and Moira, MOIMOI was born: fine cashmere and silk scarf wraps (manufactured with a friend from Nepal) in bold and contrasting colors, with the element of art from John Ross Palmer.

John Ross Palmer Art Window Display at BB1 ClassicRyan Lindsay and John Palmer Upstairs at BB1 Classic

There is no doubt that horses play an important part in the life and art inspiration of John Ross Palmer. MOIMOI brings his “Equestrian Series” to life on distinct scarf interpretations which will awaken and delight your fashion senses.

Art elevating fashion and fashion popularizing art – you can feel it, touch it, see it! The Artist, with a larger than life personality, never stops. The commercial and creative forces engage our customers and have them stop by from time to time just for a zen moment to relax, take it in, and want to take it home.
Art on Upper Deck