It’s a wrap: “Soft, Sculptured, Sheer, Smart”

MOIMOI scarves, in colors for every season, wrapped up in one luxurious accessory.

“Eye Popping”

Armed with forty five years of fashion and textile experience, fashion guru sisters Calli Saitowitz and Moira Morris, have collaborated to design the perfect scarf. The lightness, comfort, and feel of this seductive “neck candy” from fine cashmere infused with silk, drapes smoothly around your neck or wraps gently across your shoulders.

Color: “The Balance of Bold and Bright – Subtle and Soft”

The unique color combinations are carefully chosen to compliment and brighten any outfit, update a look, and add a touch of style as this wrap becomes a fashion staple in your wardrobe. These scarves become an inseparable part of your complete look.

“Walks of Art, anyone?”

These two fashion divas have tapped into the world of art, collaborating with renowned, remarkable artist, John Ross Palmer. MOIMOI brings his “Equestrian Series” to life on three distinct hand printed scarves that will awaken and delight your fashion senses. These are presently available exclusively at BB1 Classic and John Ross Palmer Art Gallery. These iconic displays of elegant women’s cashmere scarves will capture your imagination and keep you returning for more.

Details: The Essence of the Season

Luxurious cashmere for day and night. Ladylike, spot-on, chic animal prints with fur or suede trim lend classic pieces a novel twist. Vivid, Floral, Mixed – Prints add Pop! Stripes and plaid feature distinctive original JRP art elements, making this your own unique piece.

Inspirations: “From Fashion Fusions to Feminine and Futuristic”

Hints of bygone eras, Feminine, Sharp, Rock, Extreme, minimalist to bold, and Innovative. MOIMOI meets today’s Life Style – your life style. Come design with us!

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