Zip It

It’s summer, no disputing the fact. It’s hot, and we are all thinking of an escape. For those who can, it’s great, and then for those who dream, that’s great too. You never know when that next trip is going to hit.

Regardless of the weather and the trip, we have one hot certainty – a great new hot item. The idea is not totally new. Zips have been around and have been used in many different creative ways, but Ghostzip Bags, Hand Made in Italy from ISO 9001 zippers, have won the day (at least for me, anyway, and for others who own one or two of these ingenious bags conceived by three friends).

This trend takes me back at least 34 years, when a brand called LeSac hit the stores. It became an American icon and is still sold in many countries around the world today. I loved my LeSac. My collection started with a cosmetic purse until finally I owned the tote!

Ghostzip bags, have the same lightweight functionality, fabric, and hardware – only add high performance zippers. Feel secure in knowing you can load 65 pounds (32kg) and the bag is not going to break!

So not only is this a great travel bag – remember the days we stuffed our shoes into bags to save space? Well now you can unzip the entire bag and stuff it into your shoe. And yes, the zippers are fully washable!

The bags come in many different shapes, colors, and styles: totes, high tech bags for laptops and iPads, some can even be worn as messenger or backpack if you need to free your hands. The small messenger bags can be worn not only hands-free, but around your waist as a fanny pack for greater security, especially when traveling. Smaller fanny packs, cell phone bags, and many different accessories  all have a unique clip that can be attached to your bigger bag  to keep you organized at all times. Shoulder straps can be attached or detached. All bags can be hand held.

Besides the Daily line, the Elegance line is a favorite. These are made with metallic zippers, metallic or solid fabric and colors. They add an updated lifestyle look and make a great dinner or cocktail party purse.

What’s best is the price is right – Italian quality and style that sell for under a $100 up to $200. Need a gift? Your graduate, mom, sister, aunt, or friend will love you, and you will love yourself for your own personal addition to the many bags and purses you already own.

Don’t want or need a bag, try Ghostzip‘s contemporary furniture or a cool wine bag for that great bottle of red!

Wondering where all this is available? Shop BB1 Classic online or visit our brick and mortar store for this fun discovery.

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