From “The Chic Sheet” by Roz Pactor

Chiara Colombi, Roz Pactor, Laura Bernardi

The afternoon stop-by at BB1 Classic in Uptown Park was intended for me to have a quick taste of Italy……antipasto and prosecco, provided by Tony’s restaurant, and to meet these (2) women from Milan, Italy that had recently relocated to the states, Houston specifically, that Calli Saitowitz assured me brought a “bag of wares” that I had to see. Such a lover of Italy am I that I am always amazed to meet anyone that could actually leave that country for Texas, but they had their reasons and most importantly brought with them a hot new concept in bag making, manufactured totally in Italy……the zip bag, made by Ghostzip.

Three friends from Milan had an idea: a zipper that once done became a bag of many sizes, shapes and colors and other novelty items such wine canisters (this is Italy, so a must, right!) and even large bean bag chairs. The concept must be seen to totally grasp it, but imagine someone handing you a handful of connected zippers that when you zip them they take the shape of a clutch bag, a tote, a cellphone holder…..are you getting it yet? What also makes it so great for travel is that when you want to pack it or wash it, you can just unzip it and the space needed diminishes greatly. Once you’ve seen it and experienced it you will see why this relatively new concept, only in the U.S. since March of this year (2012) and in Italy since 2009, that is surprisingly affordable, took off like a hot panini when introduced to a trade show in Milan and immediately sold enough zips to make over two thousand bags!

Presenting these bags at BB1 in Uptown Park last Thursday, where you can find the entire collection exclusively in Houston, were Laura Bernardi, Global Brand Manager for GhostZip (trademarked name for products) and Chiara Colombi, Professor of Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano. This Trend Researcher and Fashion Consultant for the brand presented the trends of summer from Italy and showed how these bags are so trend and color right for the upcoming season. Both of these entertaining ladies were very helpful and added that touch of Italy that made the experience so special to me.

The following are some highlights of the many items that are available, modeled by Miss Texas, Anna Rodriquez. You must stop in BB1 and try them for yourself and visit their website,