Haute Fashion Item

Cashmere, Silk & Fur Scarves

The Summer and its warm days are slowly fading away as Houston turns a little cooler. As I consider what my best Summer purchase and travel piece was, I reflect on the cruise we took from Barcelona to Italy and back, and there is no doubt that my moi moi scarf was the most used piece.

A stunning ombre scarf with the colors of navy, ecru, and black blended together; a long scarf that highlighted and blended with the items I wore on my trip. I was stopped so many times and asked, “Where did you get that scarf?”


moi moi scarves

We are now cruising into Winter with an array of exciting tissue, cashmere and silk-infused scarves in breathtaking hues: red and brown mixes, earth tones, corals, marine with ecru and grays, light gray and yellow, light beige with tiny flowers – in combinations of colors that you would want to wear and adore!


Fashion Flash

Spring Colors

An early preview for Spring 2012: Color, Color, Color. It’s everywhere for Spring, and moi moi has given it a fresh appeal with dynamic new colors, used sparingly as small pops against neutrals, and unique color combinations with a versatile appeal – all available at BB1 Classic in Uptown Park.