Furs of Fall

Fur is still a girl’s best friend.

Luisa Cerano Knit & Fur VestBB1 Detachable Collar Fur Sweater Fox Fringe FlingLuisa Cerano Fur Collar Sweater

When I turned 21 and wanted a fur coat, my Dad diplomatically explained that it was all well and good owning a fur but that I would have to know that each season styles changed, and I would have to know that I could afford the next season’s coat.

 Furs have never ceased to excite me. My very first mink jacket, a stunning 3/4 piece in a beautiful gray hue with inset leather, still lives on – 40 years later.

BB1 Tails VestLuisa Cerano Fur BoleroLuisa Cerano Knit & Fur VestBB1 Tails Vest

Furs today have come a long way. They have become fun and accessible, a mix of elegance and edge. For those who still want a cozy-warm feel when out there trying to beat the cold weather, or just want extra attitude on the occasional cooler day, faux looks so real!

BB1 Reversible Fur CoatBB1 Reversible Fur VestBB1 Reversible Fur CoatBB1 Reversible Fur Vest

More of a play on fur, these stunning reversible pieces are irresistible and an incredible addition to a wardrobe. They are so lightweight (makes them great for travel), constructed with tufts of fur attached to a silk-like water-repellent fabric, and can be worn on either side. Chic or casual (though not exactly for walking the dog), look and feel like a million bucks.

My Tribe Baby Mink Cocoon Wrap CardiMy Tribe Baby Mink Wrap CardiBB1 3/4 Fur Knit CardiBB1 3/4 Fur Knit Cardi

Many fun pieces — rabbit (sheared as you would a sheep), knitted baby mink, raccoon with shaded tips — give a luxurious, yummy feel to a vest or jacket and even a coat. We’re pushing fur to every boundary, to stay warm, chic, and in style.

Eye for the line and curve, we have a great collection at BB1 Classic.

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