Trendy Holiday Fashion Advice

Winter Fashion

Trend report as the holidays approach. Again it is about life style and feeling comfortable in clothes we wear. More and more we are loving fabrics with soft luxury feel and a touch of stretch. Seems we all need that extra little give.

It is still about the pant and we are loving the skinny look. For dress up where skinny is not always appropriate a pant that drapes, a leg that flares but does not flop around.The important issue is to be rid of all that bulk flapping fabric that hangs beneath the butt, or is so wide on the thighs that it flops around and instead of being flattering makes us look bigger than we really are.
Layering is important and a longer under pining worn with a shorter vest, jacket, bolero or sweater looks really cool. It tends to add length and looks great back with a narrow pant. This is a time to be daring and shop our own wardrobes to put combinations together, be bold.

Every year we shop with an eye to find the next great fitting pant and at BB1 Classic (you know – only the most trendy Houston stylish womens clothing :)) we have had our fall favs. Luisa Cerano skinny pants this season has done so well and we sad to have almost a sell out already as we cannot get replacement inventory. But being resourceful we always have our customer covered and we have some wonderful new surprises. A great program of pants that make you feel ready to be on the run, especially with the holidays around the corner and so much to do. Before I move on our most dressy pant that can take you out to work, lunch, dinner, shopping and cocktails feels like you wearing your pajamas. Go figure.

Fur and faux fur always have a place in our closet, but this season you can sport it any time and wear it any where. Its the new lux cover up, as a vest, a throw over and we have the hottest item yet, just arrived from PARIS, you slip your arms in and you sport what looks like a really great scarf feel, has pockets to keep our hands warm and the wrap stays on the body. Our Luisa Cerano cool fur bolero this season ties with a little web band around the waist, how appropriate for lunch, dress up your jeans and you stay comfortably warm, the piece is light and comes in all yummy colors. We love our basic browns, charcoal, navy and black and our Italian boleros at a great price point are a must for all our animal lovers who feel they cuddling their best friend.

To dress our necks we have an incredible line of pearls to layer, the closures are magnetic so you can add on strands, break strands and layer all lengths, dig deep for chains in your jewelry box that you have not worn in a while, layer all this and if you need to freshen up, we have great options at BB1 Classic. Bedeck our arms with bracelets, I am wearing them all, I love the pieces and I am stacked up. If I share one here and there I do not notice any gap.

With opaque hose, leggings and more leggings we can all be wearing dresses and skirts, we can even dare wear them shorter as we hide what ever our legs need to hide. Tunics. long vests and longer soft jackets become our next best friend. We stand out as different and oh yes the jacket is back, its cool and has style and flair or else we don’t want it. Boots and more boots, high ones, low ones and who says you should throw it out if you have not worn it in a year? My pride and joy and comfort has been an Italian boot I bought so many years ago, to be exact and this may sound scary, almost 40 years ago. They are a soft black leather with a tiny trim of red leather finished as a seam going across the foot. It has a cuff that fits over the top of the boot, like a riding shoe in embossed charcoal grey leather trimmed with a fine band of the red leather and the piece is convertible, can be worn on or off the shoe leaving you with a classic black boot. All those years ago I bought a soft sling purse, (messenger size) in black with the red leather binding, its perfect, it always makes it for at least one wear in the season and some times more, I am not vintage but when you buy well you have your pieces and memories close to the heart.

Fashion is a fun ride, we love the change, like the change of the seasons and for us as women we have to keep thinking out of the box, move with the times and stay young. Life while you have it is a ball, roll with the punches and we will survive.