Too Fast, Too Trendy – Behind the looking glass of Fashion

Fashion is constantly on the move, always changing, always shifting, continually adapting; fashion is analogous to survival of the fittest in art.


Calli Saitowitz - Fashion Guru

That said it is highly necessary to stay attuned with those around you in the social world and take notice of the adaptations in style so you can adopt your own unique look yet still position yourself in a fashion stance where you are either a trendsetter, trend follower, or like the vast majority a mix in between where independent intuition subconsciously outfits our own fashion statement.

…The looking glass of Fashion…

Its universally agreed, clothing is a wonderful idea and social norm; however what many people realize by selecting the clothing they have worn for that day, wherever they are in that moment in time they are making a fashion statement. Regardless if it is the most ostentatious, screaming attention needing look or the either consciously or subconsciously predilection look that renders a statement or indication through the subtlety of the clothing, regardless of the price, quality, style, or color scheme (sometimes many intentionally want to stand away from the crowd and adopt the ‘hidden’ colors, from greys to corporate-camouflaging hues), a statement is always subjectively extracted by those with the eagle eye of vigilant people watching, an unlinked community of women and men as well forming a peaceful innocently judgmental army of what is in | what is hot this year in fashion.This begs the question though. What exactly defines a trend. In this sense is it arguably uniform in nature dictated by corporate fashion execs who ensure their colors, their fabrics, and their styles are populated in magazines throughout.

It is hard for many to conceive fashion is an ultimate competition on a large scale. Not just beyond the protection of your fashion choices and secrets, for example, the innocent lies you tell your co-worker or friend about that super secret site where you found that absolutely fabulous jacket in your online shopping spree.

So some quick information about fashion in pertinence to this post. Women heed much more closely to the fashion details and are much more well immersed in the world of fashion than men. Fashion is continually changing this creating a social pressure for everyone to stay up to date in the fashion world and keep consumption of fashionable goods high.

Why? Because seasons change, events dictate certain outfits for certain occasions, and our selection of clothing to the way we carry ourselves and style ourselves is potentially under a constant spectrum of scrutiny especially amongst women.

The fashion industry today is exploding with new designs and styles purposed to liken all preferences of fashion genre, especially in the 20th century as…

Internet Shopping Has taken over!

Internet shopping has filled an untapped void in the consumer industry. By presenting world class fashions at ranges of sizes and colors not always available in the client’s region the internet has created a shopping bridge expendable to all and allowing the fashionable trendsetting course to continue at an amazing pace with technology reducing costs and customizing the styles to perfection with the consumer’s demands.

Exclusive and designer clothes to high end retail brands over the net has helped an unclaimed millions of those in need for affordable clothing completely suitable to their needs.

The main pro side of shopping online is that the online clothing boutiques can contain a much larger availability of selection with the only ‘ex-con’ being the worry the dress or pant may not fit, which has since been remedied by online shopping centers allowing free refunds on most offers just in case the clothes don’t fit or just aren’t right because comfortably is a key concern mutually linked with a main concern of wear-ability. Through online shopping women can buy best and latest style clothes. They can choose wide varieties of clothing like casual clothes, corporate suits, formal wear, and sexy dresses – ranging from the overlooked banal to the super stylish womens clothing to buy online.

Another commonly neglected facet that is a major perk in shopping fashion online is the ability to accessorize. Like personal fashion consultants with every dress you like, visit or buy, there is always a matching piece to go with the look. Jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, scarfs and purses abound the

online fashion experience is the next generation of fashion.

Say goodbye to malls, gallerias, strip centers, and everyday shops – a new age of fashion has risen and it begins with www. of course the leading online fashion boutique where there is high end fashion to buy online. These astounding dresses are very reasonably priced and are elusive to capture anywhere else in the USA and a large multitude of fashion savvy countries asides BB1 Classic. They sell very well, particularly the Ema Savahl Dresses such as this one

Clothing not only makes a woman stylish but also generates confidence in them. Nowadays clothing is not only a symbol of ones status in society, but their symbol in fashion itself beyond the realms of style and glamor.

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