Current Obsession: Jane Wang Fashion

Jane Wang dress
This Fashion Institute of Technology graduate began making custom wedding gowns in 2006. Lucky for the BB1 Classic customer, she has also begun designing 100% silk day dresses. These dresses are truly exquisite! Jane Wang paints all of her designs on canvas and has them printed onto silk.

The designer says it best, “Most women today don’t have a lot of time for fuss….most of the time they are throwing a dress on and running out of the door…Silk Jersey is perfect and a simple way to dress. It is also the perfect material for day into evening dressing.” We agree. Looking effortlessly classy and beautiful comes with buying a Jane Wang silk dress.

Come in and shop! Let’s have some fun!

“Akela Key Loves Every Woman”

Akela Key Clothing is the latest fashion linearound BB1 Classic. Come in and see for yourself what this is all about! Exclusively at BB1 classic we are holding a trunk show for the new fall fashions! Akela Key caters to EVERY woman and all sizes!

The amazing coats, creative zippers, and artistic necklines are the way to get ahead on fashion this summer! Come check it out!

To view their clothing line google Akela Key, but if you want Shop Akela Key Online then click here.

Bonjour! Paris Fashion arrives at BB1 Classic

Sunlight dress

Exclusively to the BB1 Classic Fashionistas and Jet Setters:
BB1 Classic has just got in amazing pieces to add to your summer suitcase! These stunning pieces are an easy and effortlessly stylish addition to your summer wardrobe. Everything is light weight and wrinkle free. It’s a no-brainer when packing for the summer heat!

These pieces are imported from the hottest Paris Fashion Houses. The newest silhouettes for this season are all about the feminine necklines, stunning coral colors, and flirty skirts. BB1 Classic has got it all!

So come in and let’s shop! Au revoir!