As Seen in The Financial Times’ “How to Spend it” Magazine

Recently The Financial Times featured a wrap dress in their “How To Spend It” special fashion issue titled “A Passion for Fashion”, showcasing the hottest items for this spring and summer. The Original Wrap Dress by Butter can be found at BB1 Classic in a multitude of colors, styles, lengths and fabrics.

Featured in The Times’ “Van der Postings” section by Lucia van der Post, the writer herself states in her first class dispatches that the garment “can be dressed up and down” and that you can have a “day dress and a variety of evening ones that could be accompanied by different shawls and bold costume jewelry.”

This dress has been an essential BB1 Classic piece and has become a fashion sensation. Scores of women rave about the dress and has been mentioned in other magazines, newspapers and television shows.

The Today Show’s Style Editor, Bobby Thomas stresses that “the versatility of a multi-wrap dress will be a great investment when you consider cost-per-wear. Wrinkle resistant and perfect for travel, it can be worn more than 10 different ways, and styled with different accessories to go from day to evening and suit any number of situations.” She defines the dress as “easy, loose, effortless elegance”

Quoted from a Piece on Butter By Nadia Clothing

What’s even better is that this dress can we wrapped in over 30 ways and may be worn with heels, wedges, flats or even flip-flops.

This piece can be styled according to one’s mood and occasion. When you’re off to a wedding with a religious ceremony, you can cover the shoulders and back. One the way to the reception, you can make a quick change to the dress and make it fun yet classy with a backless look.

What other item of clothing can be used for all occasions? For a day at the beach it can be wrapped as a skirt over your bathing suit. Once you get hungry you can convert it into a cute sundress for lunch. When you get back home and are ready for the night on the town, the same dress can then be wrapped as a sexy going out ensemble.

A garment that fits any type of style and personality is truly special. Whether you’re more conservative, chic, hip, free-spirited, Bohemian, sophisticated, modern or unique – this dress is for you! Tie the dress in a way that covers the back to be more conservative, give the sleeves and back a twist to make it more glamorous, tie it Grecian-style for a hint of classiness, or turn it into a skirt to make it more casual. Play around with the material to give it your own personal look!

This is a dress with so many possibilities. So many looks for the price of one!

A Comfortable, Gorgeous and Timeless BB1 Classic piece.

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