crushed cans and fabulous fashion

crushed cans and fabulous fashion

Everyone is going green and no one knows why!

You are probably asking yourself what green, fashion, and the economy all have in common?  Is it just a trend or fad?  Whats the real reasoning behind it? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY how can I do my part and play my role as part of the big picture.  Think karma, but smart karma.

There is a great article by Scientific American explaining the economic crisis and how recycling can benefit all.

Scientific American Article

Should you always trust shops and businesses that claim they are green??? recently released a highly controversial article about the

Carbon Neutral Myth?

Now you have some facts.

So What are you doing? What can you do?

1. If you are just a shopper with too much unused clothing in your closet, then donate it to charity, it takes thirty minutes of your day to make someone’s, whose less-fortunate, entire day. Or if you have sewing skills then see #2

2. If you are a fashion designer we know you shred fabric like hairdressers drop hair to the ground.   Don’t throw that fabric out!!!  You can always re-use it when fashioning another piece or even if you think the color is out, its not!!! You can always dye it!!! So please, please re-use your fabrics or see  #3.

3.The Recycling Center

What is BB1 Classic doing?

Well, Then its back to fashion:

This is a recent email we sent to all our BB1 Classic Email subscribers.  If you would like e-mails like these with special offers such as the 50% off votrenom pant included here, then go to and join our mailing list (its on the left-hand side):



Our commitment for 2009 is to continue to make you feel good and look good.

Like us we know you are optimistic and upbeat.

Never before has the Classic in BB1 Classic been more important than now!

BB1 Classic is in touch with today’s life style and will continue to offer value,

classic style that can be worn year round.

Recycle Refresh Replace

There is no better time than to clear clutter from our wardrobe, starting with

every black pant you have not worn for the last two seasons.

Recycle the old, we can help you do that!

Refresh your wardrobe!

Replace with a brand new pair of black pants at 50% off during January 2009!

50% off in-store and online

Coupon code : bb1bp

We have just refreshed our shelves to further help build your wardrobe!

See store for special savings or visit our web site for an update of styles!

We look forward to seeing you all,

From the BB1 Classic Team


There you have it smart shoppers, a free 50% off black votre nom designer pant, just for you all, in our hopes of providing moral incentives that you follow our recycling tips and become eco-friendly!

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