Paris Hilton sporting Butter By Nadia


I was in New York on a buying trip visiting all of my favorite markets, ranging from the exclusive elite types to the mad rush crowded markets with all future seasons hottest items trying to find our next great item.  I was walking through Coterie when I saw a simple wrap dress being wrapped in thirty different ways in less than 5 minutes. I knew instantly we had found our HOT ITEM.  The wrap is just incredible demonstrates all the ways it can be worn. Words cannot express how excited I was about my special find! The most basic dress in stretch knit if you wore it every day for 30 days would cost you less than $10 a day. The dress is also available in two different lengths in stretch satin. It is available in both T-length and ball gown. The satin stretch dress wrapped in different ways for all different body types also makes it the best bridesmaid dress, mother of the bride dress or great for any destination wedding as the brides dress. This dress was voted as the best bridesmaids dress on Good Morning America.

Later in the day I met my friend Nancy Lerner, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina, she owns a store on King Street and was written up in a book called Diva’s Dames and Dolls by Kathleen Fritzgerald, we both decided to meet for dinner and toast our find of the year, not only for 2008 but this dress will take us through 2009 and serve us a lot better as the number one item in our wardrobe, the fabric is lux, the style is ageless, Diane von Furstenburg (check spelling) build her empire on the wrap dress, but this wrap is a miracle dress, it is known as the lucky dress.

This dress is available on the BB1 Classic online store:

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